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Wireless Network

This will be the preferred secure wireless network for NMMU staff to use. Staff connecting to theNMMU_Staff wireless network do not have to VPN to obtain network access. Whenever you connect to the staff wireless network, you will be prompted for a username and a password. The format of your username will look as follows:

<username>@nmmu.ac.za, where <username> is the name that you use to login on your PC at NMMU. The password is exactly the same password as the one that you use to login on your PC at NMMU.

NOTE: If the device you are using to connect to the wireless network is added to the NMMU domain, you will not be prompted for a username and password, provided that you are using your NMMU credentials to log in on your device. Wireless network authentication on these devices happen automatically based on the credentials of the logged in user.

Some devices may report an untrusted certificate when you connect to this network. This is expected behaviour, and can be ignored. You may be required to enter your credentials up to three (3) times depending on the security services enabled on your mobile device.

Only NMMU staff have access to this wireless network.

Contact information
NMMU ICT Services Helpdesk
Tel: 041-5043000